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Vegas Strong (#VegasStrong) 

October 1, 2017 was a day no one could have ever imagined. It is now infamously known as the day of the Las Vegas shooting. The day a mad man (Stephen Paddock), with no apparent motive, took the lives of 59 people, wounding 527 more at the Route 91 Harvest festival. As a local Las Vegas resident I can assure you that "Vegas Strong" is more than a hashtag. October 1st was an eerie day, even for those who were not in the vicinity of Mandalay Bay but knew of family members, friends or co-workers who were. It was also a day of helplessness as people were left scratching their heads, trying to understand what happened and grappling with "why."   

Sadly, while millions watched tons of news coverage in the aftermath of the event the world still does not have any answers for a motive. Paddock took his own life. And while it has been speculated that he may have had some financial woes and mental instability, we will never truly know what went on in his mind to provoke him to become an instrument of destruction.    


For my husband and I, October 1st felt like deja vu. You see, we both lived in Boston during the time of the Boston Marathon bombing in April 2013. And while neither of us were on the scene, we had friends and co-workers whose family members were impacted. We remember feeling numb. It was a completely unexplainable moment in time, and learning about psychopaths who sought to hurt others senselessly (despite a religious-political agenda) just ached our hearts. During the manhunt for Dzhokhar Tsarnaev that ensued on April 19, 2013 we were confined to our homes. The city was on lock down, businesses and schools were closed, and public transportation was halted. No one was out in the streets except law enforcement who combed the neighborhood of Watertown until they found the 'other brother' who was taken into custody. 


What these incidents taught us is there are so many invisible impacts to people and cities beyond what gets reported in the media. A good testament to that is the recap that Jason Aldean provided, along with the stories of hundreds of other attendees from that fateful day. Fortunately, through massive fundraising efforts, blood drives and the good work done by the likes of Vegas Strong Resiliency Center, people are getting the support and help they need. And for 2 local Las Vegans (me and the mister), we thought one more meaningful way to support would be through the offering of a tribute song called "Angels in Heaven (Vegas Strong)" which we will make available to any of the victims' families or the injured free of charge. Just get in touch through the contact form

Vegas Strong Shirt 

Vegas Strong Tshirt White Gold Black

If you're looking for a unique tshirt to flaunt your Vegas pride--or to join the Vegas Strong movement--you can check out this merch page. Again, for many the phrase Vegas Strong is certainly more than a hashtag. It has been truly encouraging to see the outpouring of solidarity around the #VegasStrong movement, which is to say that out of the depths of pain and inexpressible grief our city can band together and rise from this horrific event. I have seen it in Boston and I'm proud to say I've seen it in Vegas, too. 


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