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Top 15 Most Touching Christian Songs

I don't know about you, but for me the songs that I consider the "most touching" are the ones that resonate through heartfelt lyrics and sincere delivery. This is certainly true for the most touching Christian songs. If you just need to hear a message that will help you get past whatever you're dealing with right now, might I suggest you take a listen to one of the songs on the list below? I'd also love to hear your thoughts on the songs I may have missed. Go to my contact page and drop me a note. 

Anita Faye's List of The Most Touching Christian Songs

The following songs are included in no particular order. Also, the most touching Christian songs listed here are not necessarily the top Christian songs in terms of commercial success; albeit many on this list did chart and enjoyed several weeks in the top spots on Billboard. There are several fan favorites and some tried and true standards that will always uplift, no manner how much the musical landscape may shift. Here goes:


Most Powerful and Touching Worship Songs

A related list of songs belong to the worship category. For this list, I thought it would be most fitting to look at compilations that others have already published and share the links to some great considerations. There are truly tons of powerful, engaging and touching worship songs that span the ages. I'm sure you will find styles and artists that are sure to provide some encouragement when you need it most.


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